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Government Of Assam Labour Welfare Inspectorate of Factories



[Sec.48 of The Factories Act,1948]

1. In every factory wherein more than [thirty women workers] are ordinarily employed there shall be provided and maintained a suitable room or rooms for the use of children under the age of six years of such women.
2. Such rooms shall provide adequate accommodation, shall be adequately lighted and ventilated, shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be under the charge of women trained in the care of children and infants.
3. The State Government may make rules –
  (a) prescribing the location and standards in respect of construction, accommodation, furniture and other equipment of rooms to be provided under this section;
  (b) requiring the provision in factories to which this section applies of additional facilities for the care of children belonging to women workers, including suitable provision of facilities for washing and changing their clothing;
  (c) requiring the provision in any factory of free milk or refreshment or both for such children;
  (d) requiring that facilities shall be given in any factory for the mothers of such children to feed them at the necessary intervals.

Provision prescribed under Rule 72 of The Assam Factories Rule,1950

1. The rules shall come into force, in respect of any class or description of factories, on such dates as the State Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint in this behalf.
2. The crèche shall be conveniently accessible to the mothers of the children accommodated therein and so far as is reasonably practicable it shall not be situated in close proximity to any part of the factory where obnoxious fumes, dust or odours are given of or in which excessively noisy processes are carried on.
3. The building in which the crèche is situated shall be soundly constructed and all the walls and roof shall be of suitable heat resisting materials and shall be water-proof. The floor and internal walls of the crèche shall be so laid or finished as to provided a smooth impervious surface.
4. The height of the rooms in the building shall be not less than 12 feet from the floor to the lowest part of the roofs and there shall be not less than 20 sq. feet of floor area for each child to be accommodated.
5. Effective and suitable provision shall be made in every part of the crèche for securing and maintaining adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air.
6. The crèche shall be adequately furnished and equipped and in particular there shall be one suitable cot or cradle with the necessary bedding for each child; provided that for children over two years of age it will be sufficient if suitable beddings is made available, at least one chair or equivalent seating accommodation for the use of each mother while she is feeding or attending to her child and a sufficient supply of suitable toys for the older children.
7. A suitable fenced and shady open air play ground be provided for the older children.
Provided that the Chief Inspector may, by order in writing, exempt any factory from compliance with this sub-rule if he is satisfied that there is not sufficient space available for the provision of such a play-ground.


[Rule 73 of The Assam Factories Rules,1950]

1. There shall be in or adjoining the creche a suitable wash-room for the washing of the children and their clothing. The wash-room shall conform to the following standards –
  (a) the floor and internal walls of the room to a height of 3 feet shall be so laid or finished as to provide a smooth impervious surface. The room shall be adequately lighted and ventilated and the floor shall be effectively drained and maintained in a clean and tidy condition;
  (b) there shall be at least one basin or similar vessel for every four children accommodated in the crèche at any one time together with a supply of water provided, if practicable, through taps from a source approved by the Health Officer. Such source shall be capable of yielding for each child a supply of at least five gallons of water a day;
  (c) an adequate supply of clean clothes, soap and clean towels shall be made available for each child while it is in the crèche.
2. Adjoining the washing-room referred to above, a latrine shall be provided for the sole use of the children in the crèche. The design of latrine and the scale of accommodation to be provided shall either be approved by the Public Health Authorities, or where there is no such Public Health Authority, be the Chief inspector of Factories.

Supply of milk and refreshment


[Rule 74 of The Assam Factories Rules,1950]

At least half a pint of clean pure milk shall be available for each child on every day it is accommodated in the crèche and the mother of each child shall be allowed in the course of her daily work three hour’s intervals of at least 20 minutes each time to feed the child. For children above two years of age there shall be provided in addition an adequate supply of wholesome refreshment.

Clothes for creche staff

[[Rule 75 of The Assam Factories Rules,1950]

The creche staff shall be provided with suitable clean clothes for use while on duty in the creche.