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Occupational Health Centre

  • Occupational Health Center

    [Rule 61P of The Assam Factories Rules,1950]

    (1) In respect of any factory carrying on “hazardous process” there shall be provided and maintained in good order an Occupational Health Center with the services and facilities as per scale laid down hereunder—
        (a) for factories employing upto 50 workers –
            (i) the service of a Factory Medical Officers on retainer-ship basis in his clinic to be notified by the occupier. He will carry out the per-employment and periodical medical examination as stipulated in Rule 61T and render medical assistance during any emergency;
            (ii) a minimum of 5 persons trained in first aid procedures among whom atleast one shall always be available during the working period;
            (iii) a fully equipped first-aid box;

        (b) for factories employing 51 to 200 workers
            (i) an Occupational Health Center having a room with a minimum floor area of 15 sq.m. with floors and walls made of smooth and impervious surface and with adequate illumination and ventilation as equipment as per the schedule annexed to this rule;
            (ii) a part-time Factory Medical Officer shall be in over all charge of the Center who shall visit the factory at least twice in a week and whose services shall be readily available during medical emergencies;
            (iii) one qualified and trained dresser-cum-compounder on duty throughout the working period;
            (iv) a fully equipped first aid box in all the departments.

        (c) for factories employing above 200 workers
            (i) one full-time Factory Medical Officer for factories employing upto 500 workers and one more Medical Officer for every additional 1000 workers or part thereof;
            (ii) An Occupier Health Center having at least 2 rooms each with a minimum floor area of 15 sq.m with floors and walls made of smooth and impervious surface and adequate illuminations and ventilation as well as equipment as per the schedule annexed to this rule;
            (iii) There shall be one nurse, one dresser-cum-compounder and sweeper-cum-ward boy throughout the working period;
            (iv) The Occupier Health Center shall be suitable equipped to manage medical emergencies.

    (2) The Factory Medical Officer required to be appointed under sub-rule (1) shall have qualifications included in Schedules to the Indian Medical Degrees Act. of 1916 or in the Schedules to the Indian Medical Council Act., 1956 and possess a Certificate of Training in Industrial Health of Minimum three months duration recognized by the State Government:

        Provided that:--

        (i) A person possessing a Diploma in Industrial Health or equivalent shall not be required to possess the certificate of training as aforesaid;
        (ii) The Chief Inspector may, subject to such condition as he may specify, grant exemption from the requirement of this sub-rule, if in his opinion a suitable person possessing the necessary qualification is not available for appointment;
        (iii) In case of a person who has been working as a Factory Medical Officer for a period of not less than 3 years on the date of commencement of this rule, the Chief Inspector may subject to the condition that said person shall obtain the aforesaid certificate of training within a period of three years, relax the qualification.

    (3) The syllabus of the course leading the above certificate, and the organisations conducting the course shall be approved by the Directorate General of Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute or the State Government in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Director General of Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute.

    (4) Within one month of the appointment of a Factory Medical Office, the occupier of the factory shall furnish to the Chief Inspector the following particulars:-
            (a) Name and address of the Factory Medical Officer;
            (b) Qualifications;
            (c) Experience, if any and;
            (d) The Sub-rule under which appointed.

    Occupational Health Centre
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